Welcome to Death Salon. We hold events that bring together intellectuals and independent thinkers engaged in the exploration of our shared mortality by sharing knowledge and art. Death is sanitized and hidden in contemporary culture to the point of becoming a taboo subject. We aim to subvert this death denial by opening up conversations with the public about death and its anthropological, historical, and artistic contributions to culture. In the spirit of the 18th-century salon, our informal intellectual gatherings include one annual Death Salon event and smaller one-day Death Salon events hosted in cities worldwide.

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Death Salon Organizers

Megan RosenbloomMegan Rosenbloom

[Director and Founder] Librarian meddling in the history of medicine, Order of the Good Death member, Chair of Death Salon LA (2013), DSF: SF curator (2014).  Follow @LibraryatNight


OrderCaitlin Doughty

[Founder and Curator] Licensed mortician and founder of the Order of the Good Death; founder and event coordinator for Death Salon LA (2013). Follow @TheGoodDeath

309235_240980409277602_6851666_nSarah Elizabeth Troop

[Social Media Editor] curator at The Lindsay Museum, host of The Cabinet Of Curiosities Podcast and blogger of Nourishing Death. Presenter at Death Salon LA (2013) Follow @wunderkamercast

Lindsey Fitzharris

Medical historian, author of The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice and Grave Matters; presenter at Death Salon LA (2013) and co-chair of Death Salon UK (2014). Follow @drlindseyfitz

Bess Lovejoy

Writer, researcher, editor and author of Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses. Contributor to Lapham’s Quarterly, NYT and more; presenter at Death Salon LA (2013). Follow @besslovejoy

CFElizabeth Harper

Theatrical Designer, Relic mapper, armchair hagiographer,  and blogger of All the Saints You Should Know. Lighting, planning, and presenting at Death Salon LA (2013). Follow @CadaverFormosus

CFJoanna Ebenstein

Founder of The Morbid Anatomy Library and The Morbid Anatomy Museum. Historian, photographer, morbid doyenne. Curator and presenter for Death Salon LA (2013). Follow @morbidanatomy

Annetta Black

Curator of Odd Salon, fan of dead explorers and doomed expeditions, presenter at Death Salon LA (2013) and organizer of Death Salon Forum, San Francisco (2014). Follow @deadexplorers

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  1. Giselle says:

    I am very interested in being a part of this. Are you still active? Please let me play with y’all! This is how I dance with Death Thanx. Giselle

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