Welcome to Death Salon. We hold events that bring together intellectuals and independent thinkers engaged in the exploration of our shared mortality by sharing knowledge and art. Death is sanitized and hidden in contemporary culture to the point of becoming a taboo subject. We aim to subvert this death denial by opening up conversations with the public about death and its anthropological, historical, and artistic contributions to culture. In the spirit of the 18th-century salon, our curated intellectual gatherings hosted in cities worldwide.

Questions? Email info@deathsalon.org.

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Death Salon Organizers

Megan RosenbloomMegan Rosenbloom

[Director and Founder] Medical librarian, Order of the Good Death member, anthropodermic book researcher, Death Salon director & curator of each Death Salon event.   Follow @LibraryatNight


OrderCaitlin Doughty

[Founder and Curator] Licensed mortician and founder of the Order of the Good Death and co-founder of Death Salon; NYT bestselling author, host of Ask A Mortician. Follow @TheGoodDeath

309235_240980409277602_6851666_nSarah Chavez

[Social Media Editor] Order of the Good Death executive director, curator at The Lindsay Museum, and blogger of Nourishing Death. Follow @sarah_calavera

Lindsey Fitzharris

Medical historian, author of The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice and Grave Matters, host of Under the Knife, co-chair of Death Salon UK (2014). Follow @drlindseyfitz

Bess Lovejoy

Writer, researcher, editor and author of Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses. Editor at Mental Floss. Contributor to Lapham’s Quarterly, NYT and more. Follow @besslovejoy

CFElizabeth Harper

Theatrical Designer, Relic mapper, armchair hagiographer, and blogger of All the Saints You Should Know. Follow @CadaverFormosus

CFJoanna Ebenstein

Founder of The Morbid Anatomy Library and The Morbid Anatomy Museum. Historian, photographer, morbid doyenne. Follow @morbidanatomy

Annetta Black

Curator of Odd Salon, fan of dead explorers and doomed expeditions, co-curator of Death Salon: San Francisco (2014). Follow @deadexplorers


35 Responses to

  1. Giselle says:

    I am very interested in being a part of this. Are you still active? Please let me play with y’all! This is how I dance with Death http://www.deathmonologues.com. Thanx. Giselle

  2. Roma Heerhartz says:

    Kindly provide location/date/time and fee for the SF Salon….or if there’s one in Sacramento, CA

  3. Roma says:

    Are comments from previous Salons available? When/where is the SF Salon? Is there a fee? Is there a Salon anticipated in Sacramento, CA?

    • All of the info is on this site, feel free to look around.

      • Giselle says:

        Hello Megan,
        We have to get in touch. I have a one woman show which I wrote and perform called THE DEATH MONOLOGUES that would fit in PERFECT with the Death Salons! I think it was unknowingly created for the Death Salons. You can find more information here:
        I know it’s a little late for the upcoming SF event (especially since I live in northern Arizona) but for any future events?
        Please be in touch!
        All the best with this wonderful event,

  4. Mark Schrader says:

    I find this very intriguing. I have been a embalmer since 1984. I now work as an autopsy tech at a coroners office. I am very interested in all the changes that need to be made in this field. The licensed people should be treated differently , like getting paid better than the many people that work as so called funeral counselors, that have not training at all in this field.

  5. kristincosta says:

    I have been watching online coverage of your past events and am always sad I’m not a part of them somehow! Is there any way for another vendor to jump on board? I know it is a little late! I make high fashion witchy clothing on a ready to wear budget!

  6. abrandnewjam says:

    Hello! This is (as you all know) an amazing event. Due to a pretty rigid 9-5 schedule I think I will only be able to attend night sessions. I see that on the second even I f the night session is open to the public, so I was wondering if I would have to purchase tickets to attend the first evening. Also curioua if, by chance, tickets to the Death Ball were able to be sold separately. I wish I could come to the day sessions and will keep trying to pull strings at work!

    Thank you.

    • Hi there, we don’t have tickets for just the Monday evening part of the event, and the Death Ball is sold out, so I would advise against buying a ticket if you can’t make the AM sessions as that’s most of the event. For the Tuesday Quizzo I’d say arrive nice & early as it’ll fill up fast, but will be lots of fun! Thanks for your interest, MR

  7. Alicia Coleman says:

    Hi Megan, When will the tickets go on sale for the Death Salon event in Texas?

  8. Robyn says:

    Are there ever any events held in Australia? I would love to get involved but I feel so distant from all the awesome things happening while here in Australia !

    • We do get requests for an Australian event but we haven’t found a way to work it out just yet, however we’re open to the idea in the future if we can find a way to do it that won’t be too expensive to run.

  9. Katherine J. Bilich says:

    How can I get notifications of events. I did not read about the September Houston event until it was already sold out. 😦

  10. Jay says:

    Thanks for this fascinating piece. It’s so interesting that death and funerary customs seem so bound in tradition — after all, feeling connected to an older, “larger” tradition seems a key part of how mourners and individuals facing death can console themselves — and yet this shows how fluid those ideas truly are. I am all the way on the east coast, but would love to know more. Thank you again.

  11. I am a Spokane Washington playwright and have a cycle of plays on end-of-life, all of which have been successfully produced.(Vesta,Dusk and Holding On~Letting Go).These plays are also licensed for educational purposes through the Hospice Foundation of America,and frequently performed as staged readings.Do you accept unsolicited submissions for possible presentation in your salon?

    Bryan Harnetiaux,Playwright

  12. Hi… I bought my tickets for Seattle the day I got the message, June 27th. There was no option for the cemetary walk on Eventbrite so I thought it was included. Where were these tickets avaialbe? I see it is now sold out.

    • We spelled out on our website and the Eventbrite that the cemetery tour was an a la carte option you could add on to your ticket, and that you had to go to another Eventbrite page to order it. That information is still on the site. We are not running the tour, it is run by Atlas Obscura. There were only 30 tickets available and it sold out almost immediately. We wish we could have offered it to more folks but they had to keep the group small.

  13. Elise says:

    Fan of #AskaMortician this is amazing. Y’all do good work, thank you. Great contributions to Culture & Society.

  14. Carol Parker says:

    How do I get tickets for the Boston Death Salon?

  15. Lucy Lugo says:

    All Women!
    Please organize a Salon in the South. I live in Spartanburg SC.
    Continues success!

  16. Anthony Connelly says:

    I love this. I have never felt comfortable with traditional burial rights. I was sickened earlier this year burying my father. Such a corrup industry. We were taken advantage of and it’s all so unnatural.

    What’s worse is that it is nearly impossible to find an affordable, legal, option.

    I am also strongly in support of voluntary euthanasia, assisted suicide and dying with dignity. Denying us these very personal rights are one of the biggest barriers to true liberty and I am thrilled that your organization is spreading the truth of compassion, offering more proper alternatives and exposing a very fraudulent industry.

  17. Shelley mackey says:

    I have been though several deaths of family members.and loved ones of friends in the last 10 yrs. I am sadden by the way our social society deals with death, and how people are going through grief. Even in the process of burying their loved one’s It’s so taboo and extremely uncomfortable for most! I believe it doesn’t have to be that way. It would be great if people started to look at the process of burial and grieving as part of the cycle of life in a positive way, not in such a negative way . I believe that you can have apeace and do it in light not darkness!

  18. Marina says:

    Where does event take place? I would ❤️ To go!

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