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Death Salon Mission

What we’re about: In the spirit of the eighteenth-century salon – informal gatherings of intellectuals – Death Salon encourages conversations on mortality and mourning and their resonating effects on our culture and history. We hold public events and provide an online community (through both Death Salon and our sister organization, The Order of the Good Death) to increase discussion on this often-ignored subject, focusing more on ideas and the broader cultural impacts of death than one’s personal interactions with mortality.

Who we are: We are historians, writers, artists, musicians, death professionals, and armchair researchers shining a light on the culture of death denial by engaging with mortality via various media. We are academics and non-academics. We encourage the sharing of ideas in a respectful, collegial environment. We aim for collaboration and innovation. We are out to change the way society looks at death by helping people engage with the phenomenon in meaningful ways.

How we’re run: Death Salon is run by its director Megan Rosenbloom, together with co-founder Caitlin Doughty, Social Media Editor Sarah Troop, and with the assistance of an advisory panel. The panel helps plan future events, looks for promotional and funding opportunities, and decide on venues for future Death Salons. All sales of tickets and promotional merchandise are used to fund future Death Salon events and the logistics surrounding putting on quality events for the public.

Death Salon holds annual events which resemble academic conferences but are open to the public with professionals tailoring their talks to a public audience. There are often evening events as well which have a more casual atmosphere similar to a rock show. The main annual event will be held in the fall, with the possibility of one-day events at other times of year.

For the time being, all Death Salon events will be hosted in a city where an advisory panel member can be present to organize. All Death Salon events will appear on the Death Salon website; if it is not on this website, it is not a Death Salon event.

Death Salon is an officially trademarked name (USPTO) and refers specifically to the events run by or otherwise agreed to by a consensus of the organizational members of DeathSalon.org. We encourage others to hold their own death events, but please do not call them Death Salon. Unauthorized use of the Death Salon name will be prosecuted as trademark infringement. We do this not as a moneymaking venture, but as an attempt to maintain the integrity of the idea we have created.

Death Salon will be conducted in an atmosphere of respect to persons, cultures, religious affiliation, ethnicity, and nationality and will not infringe upon the rights of others so long as they abide by the code of conduct and mission statement set down in these guidelines. We strive for diversity in speakers and in the content they present at Death Salon.


13 Responses to About Us

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  2. Can you tell me, Megan- what is the difference between Death Cafe and Death Salon? Is it the organized events/ conferences? Best, N

    • Sure thing! Death Cafes are a grassroots movement that is almost like an informal support group where people talk about their personal thoughts and feelings about death. Anyone can run their own Death Cafe. Death Salon is run just by us, we curate events that are almost like an academic conference where experts share their work, but many different disciplines are represented, and they speak in plain language about their work so everyone can understand it. We also have artists of all kinds performing throughout the events, and the public can attend (unlike most conference style events). So we curate the events to bring the public the best thinkers, death practitioners, and artists working with death.

  3. Megan, I’d like very much to get involved. I am a memory artist (i.e. a digital artist and oral historian) who creates dignity portraits with EOL patients (if alert) and their closest family members and friends (if present). We should definitely talk because this pre-bereavement piece (prescriptive photomontage) is something brand new, and quite exciting. By visualizing the “preferred stories” of EOL clients with magic realism, survivors are less likely to become stuck in their grief. Talk soon? 773-255-4677 (EST) Nancy

  4. Meg says:


    Are there any venues for selling books at your gatherings? I tried to send you an email but got a message back that you email address was no longer valid.
    Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you,


    • Our info at deathsalon dot org email definitely works, I’ve received emails at that address just today. We tend to only sell books of speakers appearing at the events but you can contact us to tell us what you had in mind. Thanks, MR

  5. Lori says:

    People are “dying” to see you come to Canada! Please consider it.

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  7. jmruiz87 says:

    Are there any plans to come to Texas? I’ve just recently discovered this and it seems an interesting approach to the subject.

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