Death Salon Playlist

We’ve gotten some compliments on our music choices in between lectures so we thought we’d share our playlist with you. Enjoy.


3 Responses to Playlist

  1. Kimberly McCullough says:

    I have a few more suggestions y’all may like and perhaps add to this lovely list:

    “Suicide Doors” — Mona Haydar (about how suicide affects the Muslim community; NOT pro-suicide)
    “The Hearse Song” — Harley Poe (traditional tune)
    “Gravedigger” — the Villenettes (rockabilly)
    “Poppy” — Zee Avi (a happy croon about the affects of Heroin addiction on family and friends)
    “Bailar Comigo” — Selena feat. David Byrne (the late Selena and Bryne made a haunting Cumbia duo on this song)
    “Gloomy Sunday” — Paul Robeson version, Billie Holiday version, any version really)
    “St. James Infirmary” — Preservation Hall Jazz Band (NOLA vibes and goosebumps)
    “Almost There” — Pedro the Lion (gritty rock song with a haunting sound)
    “Haunted Blues” — Memphis Minnie (blues hero recorded this song in 1936)
    “Snow White Queen” — Evanescence (I read that it is about the death of Amy Lee’s sister)
    “Don’t Fear the Reaper” — Alana Davis version
    “Crossroads” — Cream (good cover of Robert Johnson’s song)
    “And She Sang” — the Puppini Sisters (jazzy, gothic sound filled with amazing harmonies)
    “Single Ghost” — Open Mike Eagle (rap; upbeat song about dating a ghost)
    “If I were a Zombie” — Stephanie Mabey (the acoustic version)
    “The Living Dead — No More Kings
    “Funeral March/Marche Funerbre” — Chopin (obvious reasons)

    Hopefully someone sees my and thus gets to expand their macabre music collection; I certainly get to expand mine so thank you for the list y’all shared here!

  2. Miao Yu says:

    Awesome playlist. Following it on Spotify. 🙂

  3. Rick Woods says:

    WOW !!!!!!!

    What a great treat this playlist is to have. I’m very grateful that you had the idea and took the time to put it all together.


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