Death Salon Playlist

We’ve gotten some compliments on our music choices in between lectures so we thought we’d share our playlist with you. Enjoy.


4 Responses to Playlist

  1. Annie Dayton RN says:

    Love the playlist!! New to Death Salon, heard a podcast interview with anthropodermic enthusiast librarian (when I remember the episode, will stick a link here) and feel like I finally found my tribe! Looking forward to more death exploration and spreading the gospel;-)

    FYI there’s a very new app out, WeCroak, by Hansa Bergwall and friends. The app sends quotes 5x daily at random times that remind one of mortality. Its been lovely addition to my days and nights. In a recent episode of 10% Happier (meditation app by Dan Harris) Harris interviews Bergwall who shares his story eloquently. 10% has had several recent episodes re death contemplation meditations and death in general. Also the WeCroak podcast: is gathering steam. It’s all great listening.
    Thanks for creating Death Salon and sharing fantastic content!

  2. Kimberly McCullough says:

    I have a few more suggestions y’all may like and perhaps add to this lovely list:

    “Suicide Doors” — Mona Haydar (about how suicide affects the Muslim community; NOT pro-suicide)
    “The Hearse Song” — Harley Poe (traditional tune)
    “Gravedigger” — the Villenettes (rockabilly)
    “Poppy” — Zee Avi (a happy croon about the affects of Heroin addiction on family and friends)
    “Bailar Comigo” — Selena feat. David Byrne (the late Selena and Bryne made a haunting Cumbia duo on this song)
    “Gloomy Sunday” — Paul Robeson version, Billie Holiday version, any version really)
    “St. James Infirmary” — Preservation Hall Jazz Band (NOLA vibes and goosebumps)
    “Almost There” — Pedro the Lion (gritty rock song with a haunting sound)
    “Haunted Blues” — Memphis Minnie (blues hero recorded this song in 1936)
    “Snow White Queen” — Evanescence (I read that it is about the death of Amy Lee’s sister)
    “Don’t Fear the Reaper” — Alana Davis version
    “Crossroads” — Cream (good cover of Robert Johnson’s song)
    “And She Sang” — the Puppini Sisters (jazzy, gothic sound filled with amazing harmonies)
    “Single Ghost” — Open Mike Eagle (rap; upbeat song about dating a ghost)
    “If I were a Zombie” — Stephanie Mabey (the acoustic version)
    “The Living Dead — No More Kings
    “Funeral March/Marche Funerbre” — Chopin (obvious reasons)

    Hopefully someone sees my and thus gets to expand their macabre music collection; I certainly get to expand mine so thank you for the list y’all shared here!

  3. Miao Yu says:

    Awesome playlist. Following it on Spotify. 🙂

  4. Rick Woods says:

    WOW !!!!!!!

    What a great treat this playlist is to have. I’m very grateful that you had the idea and took the time to put it all together.


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