Welcome to our Media page. Check in for news, press releases and more from the Death Salon organizers. Here’s a video by Simo Valley to give you an idea of what Death Salons are like.

Death Salon Publicity Photos:

Death Salon provides publicity photos on our Publicity Photos Page. Feel free to use these photos on any story about Death Salon LA, but please be sure to include the proper photo credit exactly as listed next to each image. Need a print-friendly image? Email us at info at deathsalon dot org.

Selected Death Salon Press Mentions:

From Fears to Fascinations, What Exactly is a Death Salon?
 [October 29, 2015] By Elena Gordon WHYY’s The Pulse. Esacove sees death positive as a fairly recent term and movement, at least in its present form. She’s she’s not sure how big it is, but she sees it as tapping into something. (…read more).


Make Friends and Accept Your Mortality at Death Salon
 [September 17, 2015] By Bryan Bierman Philadelphia City Paper. While Death Salon may seem macabre at first, it actually comes from a very Zen-like place — a way for both the audience and the participants to face their own mortality by coming together and opening up.  (…read more).


There is No Art Without Death                                                                                     [June 16, 2014] By Katie McKissick Scientific American’s Symbiartic blog. The universe can exist without anyone. The sooner you come to terms with your own mortality, you really do have a better life. (…read more).


Satisfy Your Morbid Interests at Barts Death Salon
 [April 10, 2014] By Matthew Reisz Times Higher Education The aim is “to encourage discussions about death in an interdisciplinary way, to include everybody. ”(…read more).


To Die For: Death Salon Mortality Conference – The Event Meant to Help You Go Out with a Bang
[April 11, 2014]
By Adam Sherwin The Independent Amid the skulls and specimens preserved at Barts Pathology Museum in east London, 100 participants are satisfying their morbid curiosity at a three-day, sold-out seminar, which provides an opportunity to “discuss mortality and mourning in a relaxed setting.” (…read more).


Let’s Talk About Death: Shattering the Taboo
[February 11, 2014] 
By Tanya Feldman KQED  If you’re intrigued by Megan Rosenbloom’s Death Salon events, word is that a San Francisco pop up will be taking place this coming fall. (…read more).


Let’s Talk About Death, Says Medical Librarian Donating Her Corpse to Science
[January 29, 2014] 
Death Salon director Megan Rosenbloom, for WHYY’s The Pulse People want to talk about death, but they don’t know how to do it, because it’s been a taboo subject for so long. The result is that these issues often don’t get discussed until it’s too late. We’re hoping to start to change that. (…read more).


Morbid Curiosity
[October 31, 2013] 
By Diane Krieger, USC News Once a year, around Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, we dwell on death. That isn’t nearly often enough, according to Megan Rosenbloom, for whom the “undiscovered country” is a year-round scholarly pursuit. The USC medical librarian heads Death Salon, a new collective of morbidly curious artists and intellectuals. (…read more).


Mortician Caitlin Doughty is Giving Death a Makeover                                           [Oct 30, 2013]  By Kieron Monks, Metro World News She is the face of death. From her hit YouTube series answering forbidden questions, to new “Death Salon” sessions helping people get over the fear, Los Angeles native Caitlin Doughty, 29, has rapidly become the vanguard of “death acceptance” – a new movement demanding more engagement with the great beyond… (read more)


Death is Having a Moment
[Oct 25, 2013] 
By Erika HayasakiThe Atlantic Last Friday night, onstage at a Los Angeles venue known for featuring indie bands, a goateed historian in a vintage purple corduroy suit and silver silk shirt beguiled a room packed with artists, writers, scholars, morticians, and other curious observers, with his research into bejeweled skeletons from the Roman Catacombs… (read more)


The Death Positive Movement
[May 16, 2013] 
By Kim O’Connor, Pacific Standard Meet three young women who want to teach our repressed society how to explore its relationship with death.  (…read more).


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