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Current and Future Meetings

Welcome to the Death Salon meetings page, where you can find information about current and future venues. Note that some Death Salon activities are open to the public. You can also find us at @DeathSalon on Twitter & Instagram, on Facebook, and get updates on our mailing list. Please note: if an event does not appear on our webpage, it is not a Death Salon event.


Death Salon Seattle                                                                                                                      Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Date: September 8-10 2017
: Details TBA


Death Salon Boston                                                                                                                      Location: Boston, MA, USA
Date: Fall 2018
: Details TBA



30 Responses to Future Events

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  4. Susan Gaynor says:

    When will tickets be available for DS at the Getty?

  5. eva altamirano says:

    how much are the tickets for the getty ?

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  8. JS says:

    Come to Melbourne ??

  9. phleb says:

    When will tickets be available for the October event in Philadelphia?

    • Definitely not until after the April event, I’d say sometime in the summer, the best way to make sure you hear about it is to get on our mailing list. We also always announce on Facebook & Twitter.

  10. Samantha says:

    When will tickets for Death Salon at the Mütter Museum?

  11. ashli says:

    has the NY Death Salon passed (scuse pun)

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    • We don’t have chapters…we put on events in a different city once or twice a year. Most of the people from New York who are interested are coming to Death Salon in Philadelphia this week but maybe we’ll hit New York eventually.

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  14. abneyromany says:

    Do you have a city for DS 2016 picked yet? (no, I’m not eager………)

  15. Alicia Coleman says:

    Will there be a DS event at the Getty in 2016? If so what are the dates? Thanks.

  16. Please orchestrate a death salon here in Denver.

    Your Denver area Funeral Director

  17. Samantha says:

    Will there be a Death Salon even in the US again this year? (Like there was at the Mutter last year? – I missed it😞)

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