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Current and Future Meetings

Welcome to the Death Salon meetings page, where you can find information about current and future venues. Note that some Death Salon activities are open to the public. You can also find us at @DeathSalon on Twitter & Instagram, on Facebook, and get updates on our mailing list. Please note: if an event does not appear on our webpage, it is not a Death Salon event.


Death Salon Seattle                                                                                                                      Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Date: September 8-10 2017
: Details TBA


Death Salon Boston                                                                                                                      Location: Boston, MA, USA
Date: Fall 2018
: Details TBA


6 Responses to Future Events

  1. Séan Hoops says:

    Hello Death Salon, I was rather pleased to read about DS, to know that other brave beings ponder, discuss and are open to what so many people fear. Im a 62, an arist/designer and have be logically building a story of death since the age of fourteen. Bravo to a stae of peaceful death and dying. I am specifically writing to share a film that may be of interest to the flock of Death Salon, “Night Train to Lisbon”, 2013, based on a book of the same name by Swiss writer/philosopher Pascal Mercier. The film is full of gems of wisdom on the life of death and framed in unique form. Ive watched it several times and have found that it appears to have a cultish following. Just wanted to share with your organization. Sincerely…

  2. Danielle Johnson says:

    Any plans for a western US date?

  3. Ruru says:

    I hope in the future you guys have one of these in the southern US; I can’t afford to travel very far but I’d absolutely love to go to one.

  4. Albert Plateroti says:

    I got an email that tickets were now available but I don’t see it anywhere on this site does anyone know where I might be able to purchase them? My wife is insanely excited and is dying to go she even went through the trouble of convincing her boss from the funeral home to come

  5. Elsbeth says:

    We need an event in Atlanta!!!!! I want to go to one so bad but alas, I am only 15…

  6. Hannah mcclave says:

    Will there be another event in seattle? I cant really afford to go to boston and I livw in washington.

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