Welcome to Death Salon LA

It brings me great pleasure to finally bring our fledgling conference to the light of the Internet. Death Salon LA is a gathering of intellectuals, artists, and death professionals from around the world, coming together to discuss mortality and its cultural implications.

The idea for Death Salon LA came about when the new round of inductees to the Order of the Good Death and other like-minded folks wanted to meet each other and talk about each other’s work. One thing led to another, and now Death Salon LA is a full fledged conference, with public symposia, short film, and musical performances. We will also be bringing attendees the best of morbid LA by providing wares from like-minded local businesses at our events. If you’re interested in having a pop-up shop at our event or for providing beverages or food, we’d love to hear from you.

Our preliminary list of impressive presenters hail from all over the world and from many different perspectives. Friday’s programming is being curated by Caitlin Doughty, star of Ask a Mortician and leader of The Order of the Good Death. Joanna Ebenstein of Morbid Anatomy Library will curate Saturday’s programming, which will include many contributors to the wildly successful Morbid Anatomy Anthology. Sunday there will be a thematically-appropriate field trip hosted by our friends at Atlas Obscura. Keep an eye out on our meetings page for updates on the weekend’s presenters…the list just keeps getting better and better!

We’re very excited to be hosting the daytime Death Salon events at the Center for Inquiry in Hollywood. CFI is a great organization that helps foster the kind of discussion we at Death Salon like to encourage. Also, there is free parking on-site, which for Hollywood is nothing short of a miracle! We are still in search of a good theater space for Friday evening’s Death Salon Cabaret, it is going to be a killer event, so if anyone has tips or suggestions for a venue, we’re all ears.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and enthusiasm about Death Salon LA, we’re looking forward to bringing you a fun and thought provoking weekend that promotes death acceptance and scholarship. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at deathsalonla at gmail dot com.

We hope to see you the weekend of October 18th in LA, we’ll have a lot to discuss!

– Megan Rosenbloom, Death Salon LA


About Megan Rosenbloom

I'm a librarian at USC's Norris Medical Library. I'm a rare book nerd, particularly interested in the history of medicine. I'm director & co-founder of Death Salon.
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7 Responses to Welcome to Death Salon LA

  1. Susan Morris says:

    The Death Salon LA looks great. I hope the planning goes well for you all.
    from the NDC Crew across the pond here in old blighty.
    Susan Morris, Trustee
    The Natural Death Centre Charity, Association of Natural Burial Grounds

    The Natural Death Centre is an educational charity which sees death as a natural part of life. Founded in 1991, it is committed to supporting cultural change and is working towards a situation where all people are empowered in the process of dying, and organising a funeral

  2. Amardeep Singh Sadhra says:

    This is great news only wish you had a UK wing…:-/

    • It just so happens a UK version might just be in the works! Stay tuned.

      • Amardeep Singh Sadhra says:

        No kidding. Thats great news theres quite a few of Dr Deaths Deathlings over here in the UK. 🙂

    • I always thought we (in Canada anyway) were a few steps behind the UK which recently held an impressive range of creative activities during the week-long Dying Matters Awareness week. There’s the Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief folks, and the Natural Death Centre in Scotland, mentioned above, just to name a few. There are sparks of arts and dialogue initiatives here in Vancouver, and apart from running some Death Cafes, I’ve have been wanting work with others on something like a festival here too. Hope we might send a small contingent to your death salon in October – the program already looks great!

  3. I am going to try to get the time off to go to this. I am usually the head funeral director in the office on Thursdays but if I plan ahead of time I might be able to get the time off. I hope.

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